Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

HealWell Regenerative Institute

At HealWell Regenerative Institute, we utilize the latest technology from the beginning to the end of your session. During your initial evaluation, technology is used to assess your body composition.

During your therapy sessions, you will have the opportunity to utilize modalities that you can’t get at any other therapy clinic, such as cold laser, radio frequency, EMS, and more! 

You will be able to book appointments, complete all paperwork, and pay for services through the Healthie app. The therapist will email you daily home exercises to target your injury and guide your rehabilitation. For technical difficulties, text 305-792-8125.

We are pleased to offer stem cell injections to the joint that yield fantastic results when combined with physical therapy.


Science Backed Solutions

Our protocols are scientifically and clinically validated for best potential outcomes. Our team of experts select only solutions designed, and shown, to work. We utilize state of the art technology and devices with proven methodologies. High quality care is our main principle.

Personalized Programs

Each person has unique problems and we fundamentally believe in a personalized approach. From cutting-edge physical therapy to nutraceuticals and biologics, we tailor our approach just for you. Our goal is to provide potential alternatives to surgery and help you live your fullest life.

World Class Amenities

When you visit HealWell at The Carillon Wellness Resort, you also have access to the amenities including free valet, thermal circuit, and the famous Atlantic Pool. We focus on delivering an exceptional healing experience, every time.

HealWell Regenerative Institute 

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

6801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 33141

Monday – Friday 10 AM – 5:30 PM